Star Wars The Force Awakens: First Viewing Review (Spoilers!)

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Alright, here it comes. Time to review the Lucasfilms and Disney Movie (oh my gosh) Star Wars VII, the Force Awakens. Now, I will clarify I have not read the books. I’m going entirely based on the films, because I like good movies. πŸ˜‰

This is based on the FIRST VIEWING, but I never believe in first impressions totally. So, I might have a totally different view on certain aspects of this review after the many other viewings I plan to have. πŸ˜€ Also, I don’t know for sure if the girl’s name is spelled Rey or Ray, so I’m going with Ray. But I’m figuring it should be Rey. It’d be neater if it was Rae.

This includes spoilers. Major ones. So, you there, if you haven’t watched the film and you don’t want spoilers, listen to some of my music instead of reading this. πŸ™‚

Okie dokie, I’m about to cover the most talked about aspect of this new film. Are you sure you want to hear it? The internet has probably spoiled it for you anyway. But, you have a chance to escape… Last chance! πŸ˜€

Darth Vader is Han Solo.

Just kidding. But now this is your last chance.


Han solo indeed does not live. HE DIES! He’s killed by his son, Kylo Ren (or Ben Solo). We discover they’re related extremely fast and Han’s stabbed by the light saber fast too. How Han fell for it, I’ll never know. He let his guard down, for the love of his son, to allow his son back into his life. But honestly that’s as much as we know when it comes to love for his son. What happened that made things so messed up between both of them that Kylo (or Ben Solo) would literally kill him? Ahh? :O

This whole development was a bit rushed, which I didn’t like. It made the relationship between Ben and Han not as meaningful or as biologically related because there wasn’t anything we saw between them. A scene showing him see his son, and his son seeing him, like on the battle field, a bit before they met in person face to face… a moment between them, that would’ve been wonderful.

Though it was heartbreaking, but I figured it was going to happen since it was such a set up scene, I will say it was rushed. The possible love between them wasn’t shown, like how did they raise such a son that was SO dark? And the reason Kylo would turn so evil? Why?! What did Han and Leia do? They sent him off to Luke to train to be a Jedi, oh no how mean. πŸ™

When he tells Ray that she shouldn’t think highly of Han, when she “considers him a father figure”… What did Han do that was so wrong? What did Luke do when he was training Kylo? Why did Luke freak out so badly about Kylo turning evil that he ran away to an island? What about a flash back telling us SOMETHING about the relationship between Ben Solo (Kylo Ren) and Han Solo. Is that happening in Episode Eight? Because we got a lot of flash backs and flash forwards (possibly) of Ray’s experiences when she touched Luke’s saber. And since when can the force show you things through a light saber? Anyway, I digress. We should have had more backstory in the Solo family. I seriously felt like I missed a movie inbetween this movie and the one before it. All I know is that Kylo Ren wants to be like his grandfather, for some reason, and creepily SOMEHOW has his father’s helmet. :\

Are there going to be prequels for this film? Because I feel like some people might feel: Where’s the beginning of this story? Did I miss it? “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

By the way, I like that Han said “I have a bad feeling about this” because that is marvelous. Good move.


Look, I laughed hard at certain points and this movie could’ve been a total failure but they totally pulled it off and made a great film. And I’m sure when I see this movie again I’ll like the characters and I’d have gotten to know them more (mostly based on seeing their face more than the one time) but that’s not what you should be doing to get to know a character. But I didn’t have to when I saw the other films, I really got to know the characters the first viewing.

The first three episodes (prequels) are about character development, hugely. Mostly because you’re learning about why Anakin is who he is and what caused it, you know who Obi Wan is and that he remains a loving character, you know of these characters quite well. You know what will happen, you know the inevitable. The second three episodes are more about the plot and Luke learning who he is, a bit about Leia, and the experiences which slowly awaken Luke to the importance of not following the Dark Side of the Force and his connection with the force. VII was primarily about getting these new characters in, and telling their story REALLY quickly so that the plot could continue and the action could continue. Pew pew pew! Bang! Boom!

Side note: With the first three episodes, I believe Liam and Ewan did marvelous jobs in their roles and the films were great. Yes, Jar jar was supposed to be comic relief, he wasn’t that great… But they had to do something to soften the film because remember the first three episodes are geared to a dark goal than the original trilogy: Anakin turning to the dark side through a series of very unfortunate dark actions. It was pretty much all about that Anakin. Hayden was wonderful at being an overly emotional and creepy character. So props to him. And Natalie did a beautiful job being a young woman confused about things, but yet very solid about her stance on politics.


The original trilogy is a lot more about the plot, about the story. It’s really story focused, and many Death Stars focused. The new movie, Episode VII, is a mix of both… even including its very own Death Star! And blowing it up! This time it’s just gigantic and sucks its energy from planets! How kind. But sadly the character development is not well done, in my opinion. They could’ve spent more time on the character dev. I felt like I was thrown into the movie. Of course the original trilogy is my favorite… It’s classic. But I do love the first three episodes too.

We learned a lot more about the characters in Ep. 4-5-6 than we learned about these new characters.

As an actress, she did a good job. But she had like 4 facial expressions. It was a little strange, because I adored her but I also didn’t like that she had limited facial expressions. Even when she gives the saber to Luke, it’s that same worried face, even though I thought it was supposed to be more sad? Maybe I read her face wrong, but I think she could’ve been a bit more expressive. Also she became a Jedi in like ten minutes. Luke took so much longer. Is the force REALLY that strong with this one? If so, cool. Right on!


Fin was epic, I loved him. He delivered lines excellently. But for what reason, truly, did they switch from apparently not highly trained clones to “highly trained” kids they picked up from the road and trained? I mean c’mon. The clones were extremely highly trained, they were trained from birth, and had their own instincts and such. Give me a better reason than this.


R2D2 did nothing, and awoke for absolutely no reason. Did he feel the force? Now will he be using a lightsaber in the next film? IS EVERYONE A JEDI?
Chewie was awesome because he actually had a role.
C3PO had two minutes of screen time (bad or good?).
Leia looked unwell and almost like she was empty inside.


The new light saber wasn’t bad, seemed effective. Definitely is not a friend to shoulders. But the lightsaber fight was not as epic as the fight between Obi Wan Kenobi in the first three trilogies. But now anyone can wield a light saber without training? Within minutes? Does Fin have the force flowing strongly? I mean, it might make sense because he’s (for some reason) a random kid who was abducted from his family to be a Storm Trooper. But still, so suddenly? Did he have some sword fighting training at least? So many questions.

WHO IS SNOKE? And why is this movie called “The Force Awakens”?

Ok, here’s a theory (which I didn’t know others theorized as well) but I think it’s pretty sound. Snoke is Darth Plagueis. There I said it.

It’s been haunting me for days now, and I had to write about it. Why is this so obvious to me? According to George Lucas, Plagueis was a Munn, a thin narrow-faced species of alien with a “flair for finances”. If you saw the film, you’d have noticed that Snoke is narrow faced and has a lot of scars on his face. Granted, the books are not anymore being used to write the new films (apparently) but still, everyone (at least I did) wanted to know who Plagueis was! This dude who trained this annoying Emperor dude?

My friend pointed out one thing to me the other day, the name of the film: made no sense. Except, it does if Snoke is Dark Plagueis.  Why? Well, as Palpatine (Darth Sidious) recounts when speaking to Anakin in Episode III, to lure Anakin to the dark side of the force: Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith so powerful and so wise, he could use the Force to influence the midi-chlorians to create life. He had such a knowledge of the dark side, he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying.” Then he says to Anakin Skywalker “Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew. Then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.

We know Sidious was the apprentice to Plagueis, and Plagueis had figured out how to cheat death… so… was he really killed? If he can cheat death, he might not be. Aye? AYE?!

So, hmmm! We saw the images of Snoke where he looks like a thin-faced alien, he had scars all over his face (as though he was attacked greatly from some sort of attack, perhaps in his sleep?) and if the name of the film is a play on the fact that Snoke is Plagueis and Plagueis “died in his sleep” (sleep, awaken, awake, asleep, you know) then WOW! That’s awesome!


I’m seeing recently that there’s a lot of “people are so obsessed with Star Wars, I wish they’d get more obsessed about meaningful things! Like the Earth!”

Well… If you’re a fan of Star Wars you’ll realize what an amazing message it’s sending. It’s telling you NOT to follow evil, to follow the light. Star Wars matters to many people. It matters to me, it inspired me to live from my heart and not give into manipulation of the dark. But I always attend any other rally’s as well. The inspiration of Star Wars’s wisdom keeps me moving forward in many ways. Enjoy what you love to do, celebrate what inspires and always support what keeps you healthy and supports the growth of the world. It isn’t one or the other, it’s both.

The thing is if people took Star Wars the right way, they’d realize that the message is living from the light side. The message IS caring for the world, Jedi’s are selfless and giving. They live from conscience. You can’t care about the earth if you’re in the dark side. We all have this conflict. Conscience IS the light side. Conscience leads to even feeling care FOR anything including our earth. The main issue is how many people don’t GET the message of Star Wars. You’re not a die hard fan if you drink toxic drinks or eat toxic foods, that means you won’t allow beauty into your body. That is not the way of the light side of the force.

That’s why I don’t like these ads about “Choose what side you want to be on” and “Dark side or Light side” well, my friend, Light Side. Why in the world would we want to be promoting killing your own father, or dark terroristic thoughts? I know it’s a publicity stunt, but it’s important to note that Star Wars IS about living from that place within. The force is within. More on this later.


Oh John Williams, what happened? As important as the plot and characters are, as is the musical score. Can you imagine Back to the Future without that amazingly hum-able score? I mean, it really made that movie give you the feels. Movies are supposed to give you the feelings, they’re not about anything more or less than how you feel when you have finished watching it. Star Wars VII had a nice score, and re-used old melodies, but this score was mostly: BUM DAAAH DUM DAH DUN DUN DUN DAAAH! Just a lot of intense random notes. The melody was lacking. I seriously specifically wanted to go to the film to see what score the great John Williams created for Kylo Ren’s character. Did I miss it? I mean Darth Vader had the most epic score ever, Luke had a gorgeous score, Han did, Leia’s was beautiful, the theme was stunning… I mean, all the films before this one were STUNNING. This one I didn’t leave humming any melody. A lot was re-used.


It’s a great movie, it just needed a little something.

It’s like there should’ve been a movie between this one and the one before. It was so rushed. The directing was good though, JJ did an excellent job. The plot flow was continuous with the action, which was neither good nor bad. It was just unusual. Like a maze, nothing really paused much. I still feel character development was lacking. New characters and very little development. So fast and speedy things occurred, and I kept being like “Who are you? And you? What? Where? Oh… Ok, uh… ok?” At least the characters meet for need of one another’s help, but a lot was by chance. The “new Yoda”, that yellow lady, freaked me out in some ways. But she was cool in other ways.


Original Trilogy: How Old Were They?

1997-2015 : 38 years

Star Wars Episode I

In 1977:

Harrison Ford was: 35
Mark Hamill: 26
Carrie Fisher: 21

Star Wars Episode II

In 1980

Harrison Ford was: 38
Mark Hamill: 29
Carrie Fisher: 24

Star Wars Episode III

In 1983

Harrison Ford was: 41
Mark Hamill: 32
Carrie Fisher: 27

How old are they now?

Star Wars Episode VII

In 2015:

Harrison Ford is: 73
Mark Hamill: 64
Carrie Fisher: 59

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