The Flash TV Show: What?

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FLASH SPOILER! Don’t read unless you’ve seen The Flash TV show. 

What the heck did I just see.

So… Dad’s gone too? He’s just free of prison and now he’s out?

Firstly, TIME is about consequences. You can’t just have a time concept thrown in and not take consequence into account! This show is not showing it. At all. I love this show, so much, but what the heck did I just see. 

First off… Why would they have a Flash Day because the Flash (and Ronnie) prevented the black hole based on a mess STAR labs peeps created? Agh? Also Ronnie DIED. (supposedly). Maybe honor him?

If Eobard Thawne was erased from existence then none of this happened, and Dr wells should be alive. Eddie should be alive. And Flash’s mother should be alive. 

But no… 

Eddie is dead… Mom is still dead… Real Dr Wells is dead… Ronnie is supposedly dead…  Gah! 

Cisco can see alternate realities… So maybe this reality is just nonsense? 

But again: Why wouldn’t the flash save his mother??? Why was Thawne the enemy in the first place? 

And why would the Eddie kill himself? The timeline obviously changed! He obviously married a different girl, Iris, so shooting himself shouldn’t have been what changed things… Him marrying Iris should’ve. Since her destiny was to marry Barry originally! 

Background: Barry Allen became the Flash in the first place: The Particle Accelerator … Right. Then Eobard Thawne took over the Dr Well’s body right before the explosion occurred, after he lost his ability to be super fast as Flash’s nemesis and killing his mother, and then participated in the Particle Accelerator explosion… then that means that was always supposed to happen. Ok then. So… If Eobard was erased from existence, all this wouldn’t have happened. Wells would be alive, all would be well. 

And if Thawne caused this problem, killing Barry’s mother, why shouldn’t Flash change it? WHY DIDNT HE SAVE HER? How is this the way it was supposed to be if Thawne changed it? Back to the future told us that changing the past, current or future is not the way it’s supposed to be. So. Take a lesson Flash’s dad. WHY DIDN’T THE FLASH SAVE HER? 

Why is everyone dead??

Ok. Now I’m going to watch Season 2… 

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