Is Rey Obi Wan’s Granddaughter?

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We wonder who Rey is, all signs point to her being Luke’s daughter. But what if she was something entirely different? What if theres a major twist?  

Here are some points my friend and I were discussing regarding WHO Rey is:

Rey is Luke’s:

1 – Lor San Tekka had the map to Luke’s location and he was Rey’s keeper;

2 – Leia and Han cry the whole film about their son, but NEVER EVEN MENTION another kid they had. Even more a missed one.

3 – Luke’s saber calls her, I mean. C’mob.

4 – When she touched the saber, she had a vision. In this vision, Kylo is destroying the Jedi Academy whith his Knights of Ren. We see Luke giving R2 a farewell (probably after hide the map in him), and after that, Rey screaming and a ship going awaw (Luke going to exile). The order of the scenes is pretty clear and obvious. 

5 – When Kylo enters Rey’s mind, he see an ocean and an island. Luke is on a island in an ocean.

6 – If she was Leia’s, they would send another person to find Luke. Maybe a Rebel Squad. To rescue him. They were looking for him for a decade, lol. But no. She send Rey. Because she knows she is Luke’s daughter and provided their meeting. Alone.

7 – Anakin was a natural pilot. Luke was a natural pilot. So as Rey. Leia wasn’t. Han is a good pilot, but no mention he was a natural one. He had years of smuggling to learn it.

8 – EVERY Star Wars trilogy has an primary Skywalker as main character. Rey is the main character of this trilogy. Anakin > Luke > Rey.


9 – R2-D2 woke up when the force awakens in Rey. He was waiting for her.

10. When she would do awesome Jedi like things, Luke’s theme score would play. 

Rey is Han’s:

1 – Abstract and subjective interpretation of a looking between Leia and Rey.

2 – Eye colors (lol)

3 – She doesn’t look like Luke (lol)

Rey is Obi-Wan’s:

1 – In her vision, Obi-Wan’s voice whispers: “Rey…”

2 – Both Alec (old Obi-Wan) and Ewan (new Obi-Wan) have british accents. Rey has it too.

Rey is unknown’s:

1 – Maz say that the people Rey is waiting can’t come back, but one can. Then Rey says: “Luke…”

Maybe her parents are dead. They gave her to Luke to be trained.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? WHO DO YOU THINK REY IS? Well, we’ve got a year to brainstorm. 😉

Compiled and primarily written by Dan Santos, from Brazil. He kindly let me publish this on his behalf. With a few added points by me. 🙂 

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  1. Search your feelings, Zenia, what does your heart say? As for me, I have read the books of 15 years ago and know from that that Han and Leiah had a boy and a girl named Jacen and Jaina, but this is a different story and a different cannon, or perhaps a third and fourth child, but if that were the case you can bet Jacen would have been either by Han’s side or Lukes. This Kylo Ren, I don’t like. What kind of a son would do that? Rey is a good girl, I don’t imagine either Luke or Leiah being able to leave behind a child, but I agree that it may be Lukes because of the handler having a map to Luke. But why would he leave behind a 6 year old girl? Or perhaps the mother was from Jakku? In the old books, Luke had several nice female jedi trainees, padawans and could have took one as a wife but lost her due to some problem. Kylo isn’t old enough to have caused all this separation, he might be 27 and Ren 20, so he would have been around 14 or so when Rey was left behind. Not old enought to have broken everything up.

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