Kylo Ren is Possessed?

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There’s something suspicious about Kylo Ren’s behavior. For one, he is immensely emotional (like his grandfather before him, and uncle… Sorry, Luke was pretty whiny) and has numerous temper tantrums that even the the storm troopers don’t want to deal with. 


So ok, he’s kinda emotional, sure. But why in the world did he go from studying the Jedi ways with his uncle, to killing everyone and creating/participating in (not clear) the Knights of Ren? 

Perhaps… This boy is kinda possessed. 

I mean, you can be possessed or mind manipulated by even a nasty scamster… Honestly, that’s kinda what the Dark Side is. So, it makes sense that the Dark Side, perhaps through Snoke, has messed with his conflicted “weak mind”. 

Maybe this conflict he has is really that little bit of spark of his soul he has left trying to speak to him. That he’s partly so eager to surpress it completely, but yet so conflicted he seems not as eager. Until he kills dad, then he confirms it in himself. Kylo Ren is a mystery maniac with a big grudge and some sort of revenge motives on the bend, it looks like. Heck even Darth Maul spoke to Darth Sidious about how they’d finally have revenge… Is it not about the people involved but rather the FORCE’s separation of itself that is causing this craziness? But I digress. My point is…

He seems possessed. Taken over. Manipulated.

The concept. So, remember when Kylo Ren was on the bridge with daddy? Did you notice Kylo Ren’s voice when he and his father were on the bridge of certain doom?

Han told him to take off his mask, so he could see his son. Kylo (or Ben) said that whole “your son is gone, he was weak and foolish like his father. So I destroyed him” in this sort of younger man voice, like the actors real voice or something. 

Then Han was all “That’s what Snoke wants you to believe…” then Kylo suddenly responds to Han with a totally different DEEEP tone in his voice all “No the supreme leader is wise…”

It wasn’t like he was upset, it was like his voice literally changed from Deep Mask Voice, Actors Sweet Voice to Dark Deep Mask Type Voice But Without Mask. 

Like, SUDDENLY Kylo Ren’s voice got like SUPER deep. Watch below: 




Disclaimer: Video clip property of Disney and Lucasfilms. I, or anyone involved, do not claim to own rights to the video, all rights go to Disney and Lucasfilms. 

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