Why did Mark Hamill’s face change in Star Wars?

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In Star Wars IV we saw Mark Hamill with different features. I didn’t really notice the difference until I looked more closely.


Once Star Wars V came around, his face seemed to have changed.



Once Star Wars VI was released something looked different, and honestly he started to look a bit more ruggedly handsome as oppose to the more gentle delecate handsome of before.


We all might have ignored it the first time mostly because we figured it was a directorial decision to make his face look different after the fight and slashing with that big monster beast yeti fella in the snow (Wampa) in Episode V that altered his face. Perhaps the makeup artists were told to make him look like his face changed? He obviously got “hurt” in the yeti scene… they probably just made his face look hurt, right?

But then what was the deal with Episode VI?  Some of us wondered… What happened to his face? Is he ok? Am I missing something?

Well here’s the story! Mark Hamill was in a car crash after the first Star Wars film and that’s why his face changed slightly.

It was so severe that he had to go to surgery and according to an interview with Mark Hamill, during surgery they had to use cartilage from his EAR to fix his nose and cheek. His cheekbone was crushed. This is partly why the second film has him being slashed by that big snow beast fella, making it seem like that’s what altered his face. In fact, he was so mortified by the change the crash made to his face, he believed his career was over!

But, nay nay Mark Hamill, we love you no matter what!

During an interview with Mark Hamill, Mark explained the situation:

“What happened was that I was on the wrong freeway” Hamill explained “I was way out in the sticks somewhere and there were no cars and no traffic, thank God. I was going about 65-70 mph… I was speeding, going too fast… and what happened, I think, was that I tried to negotiate an off-ramp and lost control, tumbled over, and went off the road. I fractured my nose and my cheek.”

Mark Hamill also confirmed that his accident most likely led to George Lucas’s decision to write in the Tampa scene in The Empire Strikes Back, where Luke is attacked by that big white yeti creature, majorly hurting his face.

George Lucas stated that he also “At the end of ‘A New Hope,’ he had been in a car accident and I knew Mark was going to look a little different than he was in the first film,” Lucas said. “But my feeling was some time had passed, they’ve been in the Rebellion fighting, that kind of thing, so the change was justifiable.”

George Lucas admitted that the Wampa scene helped, but it wasn’t the only reason for the shocking attack.

“There’s a scene in the film where Mark gets beat up by the monster, which helps even more, but that wasn’t really the meaning of why we wrote the monster in the beginning,” he said. “We needed something to keep the film suspenseful at the beginning while the Empire is looking for them.”

Mark stated that it wasn’t a big deal in several interviews but also we think he just wanted to make it seem mild because he didnt want to make it a big deal. He is a jedi afterall.

But he’s not the only one to be involved in a car crash. Harrison ford, in fact, was also in a car crash when he was young which is how he received his legendary scar on his chin.

People were commenting as to why Mark looked so much older, the accident definitely affected his appearance and he aged differently than it probably would have if he had not had the car accident.

Citation/Information Via:
Foodworldnews.com and Interviews with Mark Hamill and George Lucas

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