The Zoroastrian Temple of Silence

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I’m Parsi Zoroastrian, which are Zoroastrians who left Persia during the war thousands of years ago in order to not be converted to the Muslim oppression.  Zoroastrians are extremely peaceful and known to be some of the kindest people, as their religion is extremely simple (being that is such an old religion, the values are simply just love, light and respect. Do good, speak good, live good.) So, during this war… Many Zoroastrians and Jews were slaughtered and some fled to India to be safe. India only allowed them to stay if they did not convert anyone and so they were Parsi’s. No one can convert to Parsi, they must be born into it.

Ok. So regarding this picture and story below. (see bottom of article). It’s probably exaggerated and made into something it was not by some sort of individual who was not partial to Zoroastrians perhaps, because it’s absolutely unheard of to be this way.

There’s hole filled with blood and Zoroastrianism is not like they are some disgusting bloody death cult. It’s a very loving and peaceful religion. So few of us are left, it still remains very sweet and calm. If people were splattered with any little bit of blood, it would’ve been outside the pit… Not within it. Though it makes no sense that they were. Of course if this did occur, it makes sense they’d not feel it safe, but this photo and story literally makes no sense.

The bones of the bodies would be in the hole and there would not excess blood inside. Plus, bodies are carefully prayed upon, and very well kept to respect life and a very major ceremony is done. It’s not like they just dump everyone in a hole without respect. Let me explain.

So, the truth is this: Zoroastrianism is known as the oldest religion, back then it wasn’t as easy to burry the dead (rocky terrain made it impossible in Iran) and it also was considered disrespectful to waste land. I’ll go into it some more below. Zoroastrians believed in the circle of life. So, a pit is usually created for the dead where vultures and other animals were (Zoroastrianism was primarily in Persia, where a lot of Vultures exist) so that the circle of life could continue. Being: we die, we decay, we are food. As with most animals when they die, they become food. This is a bit of a far fetched story. This place is called: The tower of silence.

Here’s more detail: Another main reason burials and cremation wasn’t done was because the ground in Iran (Persia at the time) was very rocky so it was impossible to dig and burry, second they couldn’t burn because there were no trees. So those are the practical reasons.

Spiritually, when Zoroaster talked with God in the Gathas he asks “which is the soil that is the happiest?” And the answer from the light was “the soil on which something grows, such as crops and flowers and trees. That soil is the happiest.” Then he asked “which soil is the saddest” and the divine said “the soil in which a body is buried”.

But even the Zoroastrian methodology is not working, and is outdated. We don’t waste wood now that we have electric crematoriums. No waste of wood. Vultures are also not available as much since they’re dying out. The vultures are not eating the bodies because of how toxic people are. So the vultures wouldn’t even eat them to survive. Even so, when you burry bodies, the land then doesn’t become usable.

The method is this: There are three circles around the pit, inside circle is for children, then outside that is for smaller bodies (women) and then larger bodies on the complete outside circle. The Priest carries bodies while saying ancient prayers. The bodies aren’t just put there, they are prayed on for two days with ancient prayers. This is done 24 hours a day: the prayers. The priests take shifts. Then the bodies are carefully placed, with utmost love.

After vultures have eaten bodies, the bones are dropped into the pit. And the pit has lime in it. So when the rain comes, the lime dissolves the bones and disintegrate, then the nutrition from the bones passes into the earth. So, where the Dakhmo (pit) is it doesn’t matter how bad he situation or drought, it will always be green from the nutrition.

This article was written in inspiration from the story below which is not considered correct in its accounts.  

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