The Bathroom Gender Solution

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Regarding the whole gender bathroom situation, there’s a simple solution.

There are many different interpretations of gender and sexuality lately. Such as LGBT, asexual, male, female, etc. This will inevitably cause some confusion in regard to things that have previously been exclusively for those with genitals that reflect in anatomy as male or female. Especially, as of now, the topic of public restrooms… who goes where?

People have been arguing and debating moral code, equality, beliefs, bigotism, etc. based on where people go to the bathroom. But, honestly, there’s a solution that doesn’t involve any of those unrelated topics: Unisex bathrooms. Simple ain’t it?

Unisex bathrooms aren’t something new to society, they were previously known as “family bathrooms” which you find everywhere anyway. This time it’ll be a little different in that it’ll need a few more stalls and such, not just one bathroom. Of course this is an issue for places that will have to remodel in order to accommodate another bathroom area.  But, honestly, this is an inevitable change that will have to occur with the way things are going currently as people start to demand it.

Truly though, this bathroom debate has been almost as annoyingly judgmental as the generalization of muslims debate.  All I see is constant rudeness, instead of finding a resolution or solution. No wonder there’s no peace, we do not approach a problem in a peaceful way. Awareness is the key to finding a solution, not judgement toward others or blatant disrespect. On either side or perspective. It’s not about “let them pee” and it’s not about “they’re not male or female” it’s about respectful boundaries. This has become a debate on equality instead of what it is: an acknowledgement of peoples personal preference regarding privacy.

Basically, we need to respect one another’s privacy preferences. This is a conversation about boundaries and privacy, it’s not about being against the transgendered/mixed gendered community, nor is it about being against equality. We must stop making this whole situation a “you need to learn acceptance” or “you’re taught to believe there should be a separation”. You can accept something but also still want your boundaries. Plus, being guilt tripped into not having privacy boundaries is just beyond disrespectful. We should have a mixed men-women bathroom, and then men and women bathrooms. That way we can respect both boundaries and have peace.

It’s their right, right?

Everyone has a right. You can’t take one person’s right away in the process of giving another person rights. Everyone has a say, and if people feel uncomfortable then they should be listened to. They shouldn’t be labeled as anti-equality, bigot, homophobic, etc. in this case. Don’t label people who want to have boundaries in their privacy and are respectful about it, heck don’t label anything, just find a solution that respects both sides. We will NEVER have peace if we take away rights while giving rights and then posing judgements.

What if someone pretended to be transgendered and came into the bathroom? Would you feel comfortable? I wouldn’t. If we can support both causes by having mixed men-women (unisex) bathroom as well as men and women bathrooms, we will find PEACE.

A friend of mine after reading my article said: “It comes down to the fact that perverts and pedos aren’t going to care about laws. It’s like gun control thing, people who use a gun on another person don’t care about gun laws, so stricter gun laws aren’t going to help anyone”

That made me realize that this mentality is a problem. Unisex bathrooms are a step in the right direction of boundaries. Just because perverts exist doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have boundaries. That’s like saying since there are robbers out there who can easily break into our homes, we shouldn’t lock our doors.

I think that many of our conflicts can be resolved with ideas that promote a solution. When we immediately believe we’re being attacked, we attack back. But if we just instead believed: oh that’s a problem, ok time for a solution! We would not feel the need to revolt, we could work together instead. So lets find peace by seeking solutions instead of grasping at problems and allowing them to worsen until we end up in war.

Don’t repeat history.

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