Corona Virus the microscopic monster.

Corona virus. You’ve heard of it, its heard of you. It is no small deal. It is about time we stop licking our toilets for social media challenges and start using our brains for longevity. We can combat this microscopic monster (and their other pathogen partners) with hygiene, nutrition and logic. Something we often forget because America is quite clean in comparison to many countries is the importance of basic hygiene. In India we are very cautious what we touch and when we put our hands to our face because the outcome is often horrendous sickness within minutes of crossing the hygiene boundary. But in America there’s seldom apparent consequence to doing those things, so we get relaxed. But if we are too relaxed then these pathogens start to spread across the lands. So in spirit of being hygienic, I’ll share what I’ve done my whole life:

1. No shoes in your home, set those feet free. This seems so logical but a lot of people still do this. Your shoes are filthy, and putting your shoes in places that you often touch (like your couch, coffee tables, beds, etc) and where your children touch (the floor) will result in pathogen spreading. Remove your shoes at the door shoe rack, slip on some indoor dirty feet slippers and wash yourself. I was constantly made fun of as a child for not wearing shoes in my home. People whine about taking their shoes off in my house even today… you know who you are.

2. Take off your clothes when you come into your house after a long day outside, you smelly cat. Those clothes have touched seats, benches, and all sorts of things without you realizing it. You want those bugs on your furniture? If you want to be extra careful, do what I do. When we would come home from a long day those clothes would be in a laundry bin outside by the door. If I wasn’t outside for long, I would re-wear them later and after a few re-wears it goes in the laundry. A house dress (or house clothing) was by the door to wear in the house only. Then I would put on my indoor dirty feet slippers and go for a shower. Viruses can live on clothing for up to a week, remember that.

3. Wash your hands specifically, it’s your birthday forever. Of course we know to wash our hands many times through the day, and sing our hands happy birthday. But, it is also important to wash your hands after obvious reasons. If you’ve touched things many people might have touched, like groceries, or an amazon package, go wash your hands. Be aware and conscious of what you’re touching.

4. Drink water, you’re dried up. We are dehydrated. Soda, energy drinks, alcohol, smoking and weed are dehydrating. Many of us do one or more of those things and don’t compensate by drinking more water. If you workout a lot, make sure you drink water too. If you want to help your body detox bugs from the system, drink water to flush out the toxins and unwanted visitors. For a liver cleans add some lemon juice (organic and pure) as well as a little salt (real) which will help your liver as well.

5. Make your own hand sanitizer, you filthy animal. A lot of hand sanitizer has chemicals which are toxic to the system, since our skin breathes it’s important we have it inhale healthy things. So let’s make hand sanitizer. Seems like fun! So let’s do it. My parents posted this (and other things on this list as well) on their article (listed in comments) and I wanted to include it here: Mix 2/3 cup Isopropyl alcohol 91% (rubbing alcohol) with 1/3 cup aloe vera gel and add 20 drops grapefruit seed extract (GSE) and 5 to 8 drops of Thieves essential oil or Tea Tree oil. Stir until well blended and put in a marked bottle.

6. Wash your produce, or we cantaloupe. Believe it or not, bugs exist on plants. Home sweet home, and now they must die. Produce is also touched by a lot of people and with viruses and bacteria as well… it’s important it is disinfected. Organic produce is ideal for nutrition as it is pesticide free, as conventional produce carries germs AND pesticide residue which is connected to cellular mutations in the body. Use fruit and vegetable rinse (amazing product) and grapefruit seed extract to clean your fruits and vegetables before you consume. This is really important if you eat them raw or juiced!

6. Don’t eat uncooked food outside, you tigress. Salad is pretty popular, because it keeps you lean as a bean. But unfortunately it is not often that restaurants clean their salads correctly, or they use chemicals that cause damage to your cells. Pathogens flourish on cold produce. So when you eat out try to eat hot food, and save the salads for your home meals.

7. Cough and sneeze into your elbow, you splatter monkey. Yes there’s the occasional sneeze that comes out of nowhere and knocks you off your feet. But in general we can predict it. I know too many people who sneeze into the ether and figure if they’re not sneezing AT me then it’s chill. It’s not chill. It’s wet. And everywhere. That sneeze has basically coated my entire living room. Use an elbow, or I will.

There’s my list for now, so go do it. Sneeze right now and use your elbow or I won’t believe you’ve read my post. Just kidding. Or am I?

What is a virus? Viruses are microscopic parasites, generally much smaller than bacteria.

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