Dear Narcissist

Dear narcissist, fool me twice shame on you. Fool others, shame on you. You’re fooling yourself, you’re a fool, shame on you. Our society is constantly enabling narcissism, wrongdoings, disrespect, hypersexuality, infidelity, abuse, etc. and then it blames the victim so that no wrongdoings end up having any accountability. It’s a game played to dismantle your self-worth. You’ve heard it a thousand times “you should’ve just left” “you should’ve known” “why did you stick around” “see where you should’ve done differently” “don’t focus on the negative” “you attract what you think about, it’s your fault they hurt you”. That’s victim blaming, FAKE positivity, fake happiness, fake confidence, fake solutions. That narrative was created for abusers to feel they can continue to harm others and get away with it by blaming the victim. That’s why people don’t even like the word “victim” because it implies you’re weak, and could’ve done better. Where’s the abusers accountability in that? Let’s blame everyone but the person who stabbed everyone in the back? Let’s say “oh that’s just how they are” “you have to understand they’re just this way” etc. That is the language of fake positivity, enabling bad behavior and does not allow for consequences. Nothing is solved with this mindset, it’s only suppressed and continues to spread. If we taught our children this, they’d turn into bad people. But we’re okay with bad people teaching this to us? It’s called raising children because we help them grow, and that doesn’t stop. Growth never ends. There is no true validation in self-sabotage, distractions, temporary thrills. It’s found in your own self-love. Yes, sometimes we will NEVER get the accountability response of justice that is deserved, but we surely never will as a society if we keep enabling wrongdoers. That’s the only reason it continues. Lyrics have infidelity, hypersexuality, abuse, violence, all normalized. And if someone says “please don’t do those things” they’re considered controlling, when the true controlling thing is the wrongdoings trying to control you! The moral code of ethics is lacking in our world because the TRULY negative people are disgusting themselves with fake positivity. Being responsible means earning, not manipulating. I had to forgive myself for allowing myself to be manipulated, but I will not forgive a manipulator who won’t hold accountability. That is enabling. And we need to stop this mindset, in media, society, and in how we raise our children. It wouldn’t work in a court of law, and it doesn’t work in the law of authentic life either.

Karma cannot flow properly when we live in a society that enables and endorses bad behavior. Glorifying disrespect is destroying our society.

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