Shadowbanned on Facebook?

ARE YOU SHADOWBANNED ON FB? Notice less people interacting with your account? Barely any likes or views? Well you’ve been flagged. Sometimes Facebook won’t even tell you. Let’s learn what that means. If you’ve been shadowbanned like I have (for no apparent reason) you get to see why they “don’t recommend” your account. Apparently we can’t we post about sensitive subjects, but what does that mean? It’s kinda vague. We can’t post about civics, vaccines, or any “sensitive subjects”. So, you could easily not know if what you say is a sensitive subject due to that itself being relative. A picture of a dog might be a sensitive subject to those allergic… who knows! Due to the enormous amount of users on FB, they resort to using AI powered fact checking, specific word usage reporting, and other such means that don’t involve humans to decide the status of your account.

What gets your page off recommendations:

  1. Topic of profile is focused on civics, vaccines, or other sensitive subjects
    (Essentially you’ll never know if you’re violating this, because FB AI cannot read context and opinion isn’t allowed here)
  2. Profiles with a history of violating Community Standards
    (Meaning you might have posted something that fact checkers deemed as untrue, or the FB AI system flagged without context)
  3. Content is clickbait, spam, or just stuff people don’t want to interact with
    (Apparently they get this information from anyone who reports your account as spam or if you comment too frequently, meaning people who dislike you and report your account could easily destroy your credibility online)
  4. Profile is considered to be a fake account, scam or impersonation
    (This can happen if you comment too much of the same content on FB or promote things too often for a business or if you have more than one account)

Often they will also shadowban you for unoriginal content. So make sure to post only original things, even though most pages with millions of followers repost and steal content. Unfortunately, it’s the luck of the draw. FB will even take down videos you post (like the one from years ago of my mother being disrespected on stage of the yoga conference) due to spam reports; even if it’s the wrong thing… FB won’t double check. It’s easier to take things down than to, ironically, fact check to make sure the reason is sound.

Basically on FB you’re doomed. Your monetization will be taken away, and often for things taken out of context without any way to actually talk to someone at FB. Likely this post itself won’t reach far, but just be aware that we are massively censored here; and if you want to succeed on this app you have to abide by the absolutely unreliably inconsistent rules.

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