Wisdom of Star Trek TOS

I love star trek TOS. SO! I thought I would compile some of my favorite scenes with reasons as to why I find them interesting.


We usually have this deep fear of words. Personally I believe a word has nothing if there isn’t an intention behind it. Now, I agree that with swear words the intention behind them is truly quite horrid. Which I guess is why they call them “curse” words. So I personally don’t like to hear those kinds of words. Is it a fear, or is it just self-respect? The same question could be asked for this conversation below. Gene Roddenberry was ridiculoued constantly for having a “black” first officer (main character) on Star Trek TOS. To have a woman as a first officer wasn’t bad enough in the 1960s, but race played a big roll as well. In fact the actress was going to leave the show due to the ridicule, until MLK jr actually told her that her presence on the show was hugely important for the movement of human, female and racial rights. I think this conversation below sums up that there’s a difference between the fear of words, self-respect, the energy behind them and how one takes words.

LINCOLN: What a charming negress. Oh, forgive me, my dear. I know in my time some used that term as a description of property.
UHURA: But why should I object to that term, sir? You see, in our century we’ve learned not to fear words.
KIRK: May I present our communications officer, Lieutenant Uhura.
LINCOLN: The foolishness of my century had me apologising where no offense was given.
KIRK: We’ve each learned to be delighted with what we are. The Vulcans learned that centuries before we did.
SPOCK: It is basic to the Vulcan philosophy, sir. The combination of a number of things to make existence worthwhile.

The Savage Curtain
Stardate: 5906.4
Original Airdate: Mar 7, 1969


What I found beautiful about the below was the statement that Evil seeks to maintain power, by surpressing the truth. What an interesting concept.




More to come!

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