“I want to make a positive influence in the world. I want to remind people to live from their conscience, intuition and their heart’s goals. To inspire the creation of a world of respect, elegance, morals, ethics, kindness, and so forth. I believe the way we can make a difference quickly is through the power of music and inspiration." Z E N I A


Zenia is a multi-racial singer/songwriter, actor, musician artist and activist with a mission to inspire others to live from their heart. At age 10 she began piano lessons in the late Forrest Kinney methodology of improvisational composition leading her to write/produce/sing and release her first album at 15. She has performed in front of large audiences in Seattle as well as Los Angeles and headlined for activist causes with over 1,500 attendees. She was raised on 50s-70s music and is largely influenced by inspirational lyrics and artistry.

Uniquely she was brought up with a holistic, Ayurvedic and naturopathic background of extensive knowledge in alternative wellness methods. She has certificates in Yoga, Meditation, Lifestyle and Wellness. Her father Aadil Palkhivala is a world-traveling renowned yoga teacher and her mother Savitri, a spiritual teacher and founder of Heartfull Meditation, together founded Purna Yoga and Alive & Shine Online.

In film, Zenia has been a part of many indie films, theatre performances, as well as commercials. She studied at Beverly Hills Playhouse as well as Second City (Comedy/Improv/Sketch/Writing/Film School) completing their program graduating conservatory, performing on the stage and selling out their theatre. 

After releasing her first album at 15, she went on to write over 200 songs with a mission of melody and lyrics with meaning. Her purpose is to connect with you in hopes to make you feel loved, safe, heard and understood. Conscience, integrity, and consequence fuel her passion for songwriting. 

Together we embark on a journey of self-growth, awareness and love through the magic of sound. Take a gander at her first album "Alive & Shine" as well as her 2 newest singles "High" and "Favorite Song" while keeping in touch for new inspirational music coming your way!

'Zenia' means hospitality: goddess of hospitality and welcoming, in old greek. Zenia believes there's a solution, and that with awareness of negativity we can stop the repetition of history and find a solution. We can truly make a change in our world as long as we do it together. As an activist she supports and speaks on many causes to bring awareness to important topics and non-profit foundations on her social media platforms and with organizations she works with including Heartfull World Foundation bringing Meditation, Yoga and Safe Environments to underprivileged individuals.