Zenia is a young singer-songwriter, musician, business owner, artist and activist with a mission to inspire people to live from their heart through conscience, integrity, intuition and love. 'Zenia' means hospitality: goddess of hospitality and welcoming, in old greek. Zenia believes there's a solution, and that with awareness of negativity we can stop the repetition of history and find a solution. We can truly make a change in our world as long as we do it together. She recently just moved to Los Angeles to spread this mission, your support is truly appreciated!

“I want to make a positive influence in the world. I want to remind people to live from their conscience, intuition and their heart’s goals. To inspire the creation of a world of respect, elegance, morals, ethics, kindness, and so forth. I believe the way we can make a difference quickly is through the power of music and inspiration."
Z e n i a

Her goal in the growth of her career in the industry is to create a legacy that reminds the world of the importance of conscience and love. A world where all people, families, young adults, etc. with non-profits and missions for helping the earth and society are recognized and given support. Where projects like environmental climate change, equality, preventing species extinction, natural health awareness, and such causes can come together, feel safe and support one another. Our mission is to work with inspirational people and help others be inspired by people that aspire to inform to transform our world to a heart-based place.