Zenia is a young singer-songwriter, musician, business owner, artist and activist with a mission to inspire people to live from their heart through conscience, integrity, intuition and love. 'Zenia' means hospitality: goddess of hospitality and welcoming, in old greek. Zenia believes there's a solution, and that with awareness of negativity we can stop the repetition of history and find a solution. We can truly make a change in our world as long as we do it together. She recently just moved to Los Angeles to spread this mission, your support is truly appreciated!

“I want to make a positive influence in the world. I want to remind people to live from their conscience, intuition and their heart’s goals. To inspire the creation of a world of respect, elegance, morals, ethics, kindness, and so forth. I believe the way we can make a difference quickly is through the power of music and inspiration."
Z e n i a

Her goal in the growth of her career in the industry is to create a legacy that reminds the world of the importance of conscience and love. A world where all people, families, young adults, etc. with non-profits and missions for helping the earth and society are recognized and given support. Where projects like environmental climate change, equality, preventing species extinction, natural health awareness, and such causes can come together, feel safe and support one another. Our mission is to work with inspirational people and help others be inspired by people that aspire to inform to transform our world to a heart-based place.


Music and a mission with meaning! Raised on the importance of conscience, integrity, love and morals. Zenia's intention in the music, film and business industries is to remind people of those qualities and how important they are. If you wish to donate, she will send you a FREE song!

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When I was 3 I told my mother I wanted to be an actress and a singer/musician. To this day I want to inspire the world with meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies as well as entertain while speaking on profound topics.

"I'm an avid writer with a deep love for education, lifestyle, health and activism. My work is unbiased and always enjoyable to read. I come from a family of highly educated people. My father being a public speaker and educator, my Italian grandmother was a teacher at Berkeley University attaining her doctrine in education, and my grand-uncle was the most well-known jurors in India as well as a pivotal part of India's history. I also come from a line of lawyers, etymologists, scholars and humans who would gladly sit and read the dictionary for fun. My parents are also well-known in the Yoga, Meditation, Lifestyle and Holistic Health industry with over 80 years of combined experience in the field."

Over 10 years of business experience, hospitality, communication, tech support, and management with top professionals in the education, business, tech, lifestyle and entertainment industries. Managerial skills through event coordination, managing businesses, marketing and business consulting. Problem solver with the ability to learn new things quickly. Worked with experts to create connections benefiting industry collaboration and successes. Excellent at creating a hospitable atmosphere. Highly educated in computer programs such as Adobe, Apple and Microsoft OS and programs, programming, CSS, web design, graphic design, photography, editing, and more. Passionate, ambitious, go-getter with immense drive to achieve goals. She loves working with computers and has an intuitive as well as logical manner in solving technical issues. Motivated activist supporting and working with important and positive causes to help improve society and serve our earth. Her goal is to inspire the world to aspire to live from conscience, kindness and love.

Life is a gift, open your heart and live in the present.

Zenia is multi-talented with creative and fresh ideas for a beautiful, love filled world. Youthful, yet wise beyond her years, she has experience, integrity, innovation and ideas. Her mission is to produce new and fun ideas to the entertainment industry, provide clean energy, benefit the earth and humanity through happy means. As life can change in an instant, so can we.

Musically, Zenia has been playing piano for over 15 years, composing original songs, music and lyrics, since she was 10 years old. She has written over 200 complete songs to date. All her songs are produced, written and recorded at home.

Music to inspire you to aspire.

Her debut album, with songs written from the ages of 16-20, released April 9th 2013, "Alive and Shine" and is entirely home made. It focuses on positivity and thought-provoking lyric, with upbeat music.

She performed "Bumbling Around" live at MAM (over 1,000 attendees).

"My creativity is vast, I write for just about every genre. In all things I do, I make things happen, I never give up. Forever faithful and loyal to family and friends. To me, to live is to focus, discern and live responsibly. Integrity is immensely important to me, in myself, life and others." - Zenia

Résumé Points

• Actress - Lead Roles in Several Plays / Commercial

• Music - Singer-Songwriter & Musician since age 10, for over 12 Years (200+ complete songs)

• Self-educated in computers (graphic design, editing, business etc.)

• Co-Owner - Alive and Shine Center

• Customized Music (hand-made/written songs by Zenia, tailored to your requests)

• AA Degree (one year complete, one left)

• Highly educated in health-wellness. Yoga and Meditation education by parents, Savitri and Aadil Palkhivala (75yrs experience)

• Certified 200hr Purna Yoga Teacher. RYT.

• Heartfull Meditation, Purna Yoga & Lifestyle Coach

• Ayruveda, Holisitic and Natural Methods.

• Artist

• Aikido (green belt)

• Improvisation Piano Lessons