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Randy Bradley, Developer

Piano & Guitar Education


Since 10 Years Old

YEARS Zenia began playing piano when she was 3 years old and took lessons in improvisational piano studies at the age of 10 with Forrest Kinney (1957-2019) and Akiko. She composed her first full piece (music & lyrics) at 10 and since then has written over 300 songs since. 

IMPROVISATION Taught by Forrest Kinney and Akiko since she was a child in the technique of improvisational composition from a Franz Liszt lineage as well as Suzuki method, Zenia has a background of education in piano improvisation. 

INSTRUMENTS She composes on piano, but also is self-taught in guitar, ukulele, and dabbles in violin. She sings and produces her own music. All her songs are written by her from start to finish.

CREATION With hundreds of songs written, she loves writing and loves helping others with their creativity. She offers lessons to select individuals who have an ear for music, but more so aims to bring meaning into music.

Music with Meaning

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FORREST KINNEY - 1957-2019

"Every once in a while, we encounter a person who has a natural voice and an affinity for melody. Such a person can sing with an effortless and naturalness that eludes the rest of us mortals.  Zenia is one of those rare human beings… I was most impressed by her surprising abilities as an arranger. She orchestrated all the various sounds on each track, and made them all harmonize to achieve the desired effect. Her arrangements are diverse, multi-layered, and full of interesting surprises. Zenia's ear for music is so sensitive that she has an ability to arrange sounds that might take others many years of study to achieve.  Her vocal harmonies and vocal effects are often striking.  I was pleased to hear that her piano playing has evolved to an entirely new level since the last time I heard her play. I congratulate Zenia on this very significant achievement. I look forward to more music from her!" - Forrest Kinney, Renowned Pianist, Author and Educator