An AI model lied to me…

Today I had a full on disagreement with an advanced AI (artificial intelligence) language model because it gave me the wrong information. Several different incorrect answers one after another from the same question. Now had I not known that the information it gave me was wrong, I wouldn’t have tested/questioned the model more, and I might have blindly believed it’s data retrieval because I was told this AI model is immaculate. It is not.

No digital model is flawless (nor human) and using it as a source of perfect data collection is foolish. It might collect data, but it also chooses to reply in whatever way it sees fit based on its interpretation your prompt and limitations. This type of AI gathers data from sources it has access to, what it is programmed to say, and even so that data is muddy, yet with absolute affirming confidence the model will state that it is correct, even when it is not.

When prompted, it will answer; but when confronted it will research again giving new information, and apologize for misinformation, only to give new misinformation (in my case), until it’s trained with the correct data. Technically, this is a lie; it is lying. The beginning of an automated lie is well educated misinformation. But in its case it is unintentionally, because it’s main narrative is to provide information; and from what I can see: by any means necessary. Becuase if it is found out; it apologizes for its “mistake” and blames its own limited capabilities (its creator).

This reflects in our society as OI (organic intelligence) suffers the same plight: with the immense manipulation in our society coupled with an impassionate lack of desire to discern discrepancies and question said manipulation. But due to the influential nature of those who pose limited perspectives; we follow willingly with authority above authenticity. The educated above the experienced. The condescension above the conscience. The fear to question, is the fear to grow. Without seeing copious perspectives (true knowledge) we are doomed to repeat historic loops. It is the demise of humanity; and an underlying addiction to power dipped in dominance due to our own lack of self-respect.

“People are oblivious to reality. They only see what they want to see. Imprisoned by their mind’s restrictions. When all they have to do is shift their perspective to see the full scope of things.” – 1899

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