An Ancient Tonic for Modern Times

The Ancient Tonic Suited For Modern Times

By Thomas Warner 

The black sheep superfood…

Superfoods have always fascinated me. It is a word that wasn’t used commonly until the latter end of the century.

Since the rising popularity of foods with strange names like Acai berry, Goji berry, and Mangosteen, countless products have been made into various extracts, powders and pills. Promising everything from weight loss to curing arthritis.

It wasn’t based on lies either, all of thee foods have hundreds if not thousands of studies to back up their claims.

Many have scored high on the Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity scale, or ORAC. Which measures a foods ability to absorb the bane of immortality, the free radical.

It is the free radicals that bash holes in our DNA and degrade our cellular functioning. If you exist on planet earth, eat food and are alive, they bombard you all day long.

There are other plant superfoods out there that may not have high ORAC scores but have other compounds that make them unique, the Reishi mushroom, Chaga mushroom, all of the green superfoods like Kale, Spirulina, and Chlorella with its heavy metal detoxifying capacity. This list goes on and on.

One thing all of these superfoods have in common though, is they are all plant derived. For us vegans and vegetarians out there that makes us feel warm and fuzzy, but what about animal derived superfoods? Is there anything out there that is humane, sustainable and actually works? Surprisingly… yes!

There is a superfood that’s intrigued me for the past 5 years which is a sort of “black sheep”, it has been used for over 2,000 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is hugely popular in Asia and Russia.

Now most animal derived superfoods are fraudulent, or either completely detrimental to the environment or the animals they come from. Components of TCM like Rhino horn, Bear bile, Shark cartilage and more all contribute to serious destructive practices and are morally corrupt.

There is one that stands out though, one that can actually be harvested year after year with little to no harm to the animal, and is becoming more scientifically established.

It is called “velvet” or “velvet antler” or “deer antler velvet”, and comes from the growing antlers of deer and elk. Sounds weird right?

In recent years it has gained popularity among athletes and bodybuilders as a performance-enhancing supplement that builds muscle, speeds up recovery and increases endurance. But is all this really possible?

As strange as it sounds, it was discovered that when the antlers were in their fuzzy cartilaginous stages of rapid growth, they contained a huge amount of protein structures called growth factors. Since deer are the only animals that regularly grow what is the equivalent to an arm or leg year after year, these growth factors were of interest to scientists. Most of us produce the same type of growth factors during childhood and adolescence.

These growth factors are what stimulated rapid proliferation and cell division of blood, bone, cartilage and nerves within the antlers and us humans as children.

It was discovered that if the antlers are harvested in these peak stages of growth, these and many other nutrients could be captured and made into a variety of supplements.

I dug up 78 different studies that document a variety of benefits that all kinds of deer and elk antler velvet products produce, some of the most common were: building strength and endurance, increasing quality of sleep, speeding wound healing, and supporting nerve and cardiovascular health. Others include re-growing hair, improving cognitive function and more.

That is why I decided to start using it. Recently after years of running, hiking and engaging in heavy exercise, I damaged cartilage in my knees and hip at the ripe old age of 31.

I knew to speed up my recovery I was not going to take just any deer antler velvet brand. I knew it was hard to come across a good reputable company, so like a true American I started my own company and made one myself!

Coming from free-range, slaughter-fee elk in the Rocky Mountains, I wanted something as close to what nature intended, made me feel great on all levels but also was as potent as possible. So I settled on a unique whole-food, cold extraction process that preserves all the nutrients in their original form. So in late 2014 Premier Velvet was born!

Now that I have my own company, and my own awesome product utilizing this amazing superfood, I plan on sharing this and many other similar secrets that nature has to offer with as many people as possible.

So in the world of superfoods, it turns out the “black sheep” really does stand apart.

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Article by Thomas Warner 

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