Are marketing programs safe?

Manipulative marketing tactics used by deceptive growth programs scam you into losing time and money through methods they claim are “proven” to work, without any organic growth, just simply massively funded promotions, bots, paid reviews, paid UGC, and disingenuous advertisements. They’ll use the basics (which can be found anywhere online with simple search engine skills) to confuse you into believing they’re genuine, only to get thousands out of you with little results. There’s a difference between emulating inspiring content creation with a personal twist and copying psychologically manipulative marketing practices. You end up becoming a clone of every other existing content creator, without substance and slowly lose your mission.

They prey on those who choose convenience over research, the mind that needs a quick solution versus a long-term goal set. A true marketing expert will be a teacher that guides you to guide yourself through your niche without any need to convince you of their authenticity; their proof is in their content. If a marketer’s content is the same repetitive tactic, it is the Hollywood/radio method: pushing something on you just annoyingly enough that you believe it and cave into participation. Their method of marketing is a system: the only reason their marketing worked on you is because they manipulated you into believing you could not figure out the basics on your own, like comparative marketing (seeing what others in your niche are doing genuinely) or search engine analysis (times to post, trending hashtags, etc.). Therefore they seem massively educated, when it’s just the basics; they’re not there to guide your business growth, they just sold their regurgitated program to you and thousands of others who are nothing like you only to include you in certain events to keep you hooked and eventually it becomes a loop scam. Just like any typical narcissist can keep a person manipulated for years, it’s just the same with manipulative marketing programs. It’s all based on psychological mind games and emotional prompting. The marketing duplication programs they offer are temporary and will not create long lasting retention, they know that. A true marketing professional will tell you the algorithm doesn’t work that way, it’s ever changing and requires constant awareness.

You will achieve some success off of unethical marketing tactics. Examples of these tactics are: purposeful spelling errors to create an agitated social response creating more interactions/reactions/comments thus pushing content forward in the algorithm, lying about circumstances and faking scenarios for attention, paying UGC (user generated content) creators to give positive reviews for products they have no obligation to like but their followers and reviews make others trust your product blindly, running copy-paste advertisements, and so on. Deception is an extremely effective way to grow your brand/service/persona, but if you have any conscience, you will see how it perpetuates a long-term manipulation formula that scams thousands of innocent people daily. Ironically, just as when one is naive and trusting it is hard to see the difference between those who carry green or red flags; because neither are able to fully show their flags in the beginning. Manipulators will wave green to suck you in, only to lead you to a field of red that is often very difficult to escape.

The keys to marketing are consistency, healthy competition comparison, compelling/quality content and creativity.

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