Kindness is a Choice

When I told this boy I wasn’t able to text him for a few hours because I was praying for my friend in the ER….

He was offended I didn’t text him within a few hours because I was nervous about someone I love being in the ER, which is why I prayed. Man, I don’t care what your beliefs are. Religious, not religious, whatever it may be. It’s about the person and their values, morals and ethics. To me, the basic “truth” is that we should be loving, understanding, compassionate, giving, respectful people that live from kindness. If we don’t do that, we are simply useless to the world. Sympathy, empathy and compassion shouldn’t be exempt to those who don’t have a faith. We should all have the basic moral code of kindness.

My mother grew up with many religions in her home, and going to see so many different spiritualities as she grew up, and was an atheist for a while when her parents were killed in a plane crash and her sister was murdered. But then she taught me the importance of seeing all perspectives and the connection between all religions: love and light. We have pretty much everything from every belief in our house. And I love it. Me, personally, I’m not religious per se, I’m not against religion either. I personally believe in something bigger than us and I believe in the power of love. My grandfather was an Indian Muslim who married my grandmother, an Italian Christian. My other side is Zoroastrian. I identify myself as spiritual, as well as one who takes logistics, science and math into high regard.

But honestly, the issue that we are facing in humanity right now is not a faith, or lack of it, but rather our interpretation and our own immaturity. Our disregard for compassion, conscience, wisdom, and kindness. Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, agnostic, diest, etc. etc. it doesn’t matter. What matters is you. Who are you?

We strongly fight for absolutes, not leaving room to open our mind to different perspectives. If we decided to step back, make mature compromises and had deeper understandings of one another… We would grow. Who is to say you’re right, or I’m wrong? Who is to say you’re wrong, or I’m right? Leave room for change and growth, that’s the only road to maturity. The only road to peace.

By default we are disrespectful. By default we see the negative. We need to see the difference between awareness and negativity. Negativity has no solution, awareness does. Rudeness has no solution, and if we truly do want to have a beautiful world… We need to step back and look at ourselves first.


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