Forrest Kinney

Floating on the black and white keys of sound, you would take us to a place inside ourselves with your performances. Your fingers melted like butter on the bread of the piano merging with your hands. It was a spiritual experience to listen to you become one with the piano, as you smiled with that sweet smile you gave. But even though your soul shone through your melodies, your life’s work was in teaching intuition and improvisation through music to others. You set us free.

My struggle in playing piano was that I wanted to make my own music, I didn’t want to copy others. But most piano teachers would only teach you how to imitate, not how to create. You, you brought forth the true freedom of expression that aided me in so many moments of pain and delight.

What a joy you were, what a smile.

You were my piano and musical intuition teacher, my mentor in improvisation, my family. You have been my father’s best friend and as a brother to him for more than 30 years. Your class, eloquence, humility, demeanor and spirit is ever lasting. The absolute beauty and brilliance you shared in your writings inspires our very essence.

My life is changed due to you. You would always show endless support and encouragement to my improvisations, my music, my visions, which stemmed from your teachings and inspiration. You referred to me as one of your most treasured students, with the ability to create improvisational music unlike any one else, someone to continue your work. I’ve been constantly humbled by you and your heart.

“Your father inspired me like no one else. The most breathtaking mind. I just wish I could create more together. I hope your amazing creativity will find a path. You have such a powerful voice.” – F.M.K.

You have reminded me in life, and as you have passed on, that I must live the music you reminded me existed within me and in all of us. I am not yet able to accept that you are physically gone, but I know truly that you are here. You’re always here. Watching me as I play. You are here.

If not for you, my fingers would never have known that they could speak the language of my soul.

You have taught me and others the ability to create of oneself, without the need to copy others. Forrest, you taught me to be influenced by my own heart by guiding me with your heart. Thank you. You are always my teacher in music. Forever. I will make you proud. Your vision will live on. Always.

I am indebted to a teacher who made it so that I could truly reach myself in music. I’m only regretful that you were not able to see me succeed in sharing your mission. But, I know you’re here.


Hi Zenia,
“The Flight” is still my favorite!  I listened to it while on Sound Cloud–what is it about that song that grabs me so much?
I’m quite impressed by the clarity of touch and flow in your piano playing–your playing has reached a new level. I enjoyed your piece.
Thank you for sharing and keeping me in the loop. And thanks for your gratitude for me.”


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