Heart Problems? Check your Bikini!

To Bikini or Not To Bikini?

For my girls, and the ones who love them.

In America most bikini tops are halter. You see them everywhere here, at Victoria’s Secret it’s the trending thing. But in Europe that’s not the case. Many women all over the world who wear halter bikini tops complain their necks hurt, they get dizzy spells, and halter bikini tops have been connected to heart problems due to pressure on the neck, and cutting off circulation of the nerves. I’m well endowed so I felt the pressure on my neck and spine instantly. My chest would hurt and I’d get dizzy, which is not uncommon. I went everywhere trying to find a normal bikini top. I ended up using a bra half the time, but they’d get ruined. Being a 34DD, sometimes DDD, it was hard to find anything. Until I went to Switzerland, and found TA-BOU in Zurich. The majority was normal, bra-like, tops. So I found my amazing new bikini top. The ladies there told me even more about research done stating halters cause heart problems. The problem is that it’s only really talked about in Europe. Lets talk about it here! I really recommend women search for normal bikini tops for their health. Heart problems are hell to deal with, and I hope you consider that when you buy your swimwear.

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