Inside the External Beauty

Audrey Hepburn was an icon, a beauty. She had poise, respect, etiquette, morals and beauty inside out. But some people only aspire to have her slim frame, not recognizing who she was on the inside. Something not many people know is that her slim figure was due to the fact she was malnourished in her youth, during the war. Her metabolism was damaged from then on, causing her to have brittle bones and being underweight. Admire and aspire to be the beauty of WHO Audrey Hepburn was, but those that only admire her body must understand the hurdles she underwent due to being very sick. She had over 4 miscarriages, struggled emotionally, had colon cancer, broke her spine during a shoot of a movie, and much more… What makes her so beautiful is the strength, happiness and elegant attitude she embodied. Qualities that are hard to find today. She helped so many people suffering from malnutrition through UNICEF due to her own experiences with the horrors of the Nazi times. She must be admired for who she was inside, her mission for helping the world, he wisdom, the power you could see in her eyes. Young women should be reminded to aspire to be more than how someone LOOKS, but to embody who someone is. We lack people with such conviction and inner beauty, but those few we have in the industry we must embody their mission, support, and aspire to inspire others to be such qualities.

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