Natural Makeup for the Organic Girl

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Healthy makeup seems like a mystical idea like super heros and peace on earth, but it’s possible! Just like super heroes and peace on earth. 🙂 

Here’s some information as to the wonderful world of natural organic makeup! Not just “natural” but VERY natural. But don’t worry, it won’t be all smudgy, melty, falls-apart because it’s so natural type thing. Just like the food I eat: organic natural food, but it’s gotta be yummy! Or at least if it tastes bad, feel really good later. 😉 In this case, your makeup will be both good, long lasting and feel good! Woo! 

1. Liquid Foundation: Gabriel

2. Powder Foundation: Gabriel 

3. Eyeliner: Gabriel or Lavera 

4. Masquera: Clinique 

5. Lipstick: lavera 

6. Eyeshadow: Lavera 


The list begins: 

Here’s some photos of me and my simple makeup look. Often a little goes a long way. 🙂 

Want a tutorial as to how to put on this marvelous assortment of lovely makeup? Can do! Coming soon 😉 

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Zenia is a young musician, actress, natural health advocate and activist supporting movements, foundations and people who want to inform to transform the world in a positive way. She aims to help people live from their heart through the power of music, art, lifestyle changes and awareness. Her family lineage is Yoga, Meditation, Holistic Health, Education and Law.

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