Natural Makeup for the Organic Girl

Healthy makeup seems like a mystical idea like super heros and peace on earth, but it’s possible! Just like super heroes and peace on earth. ­čÖé 

Here’s some information as to the wonderful world of natural organic makeup! Not just “natural” but VERY natural. But don’t worry, it won’t be all smudgy, melty, falls-apart because it’s so natural type thing. Just like the food I eat: organic natural food, but it’s gotta be yummy! Or at least if it tastes bad, feel really good later. ­čśë In this case, your makeup will be both good, long lasting and feel good! Woo! 

1. Liquid Foundation: Gabriel

2. Powder Foundation: Gabriel 

3. Eyeliner: Gabriel or Lavera 

4. Masquera: Clinique 

5. Lipstick: lavera 

6. Eyeshadow: Lavera 


The list begins: 

Here’s some photos of me and my simple makeup look. Often a little goes a long way. ­čÖé 

Want a tutorial as to how to put on this marvelous assortment of lovely makeup? Can do! Coming soon ­čśë 

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