What are chatbot utterances?

In the context of coding a bot, utterances are phrases or sentences that a user might say to interact with the bot. These utterances are used to train the bot’s natural language processing (NLP) engine, which allows it to understand and respond to user input.

For example, if you were coding a chatbot to provide weather information, some examples of utterances might include:

  • What’s the weather like today?
  • Will it rain tomorrow?
  • Can you give me the forecast for this week?
  • How hot will it be on Saturday?

To code a bot using utterances, you would typically create a dataset of example utterances and their corresponding intents (the user’s intended action or query). You would then use this dataset to train the bot’s NLP engine using a machine learning algorithm like a natural language understanding (NLU) model.

Once the bot’s NLP engine is trained, it can process new utterances from users and map them to the appropriate intent. The bot can then generate a response based on the intent and any relevant information provided in the utterance.

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